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No matter what walk of life you are coming from, there is space for you here.

Take a moment to explore an option best for yours.

Why Untamed Reiki & Yoga?

The first time I walked into a studio and gave yoga a try I was told maybe yoga was not for me. I had struggled through the whole class and by the end of it, I believed them. It devastated me for years. No one should ever hear those words when it comes to yoga, or Reiki, or anything you may want to try. Everyone has a voice, everyone does things the way they need to in order to fit their body and their mind. Untamed Reiki & Yoga was created after I was told for the last time that I was too big, too loud, not enough, too much. I was tired of being told what my spiritual and physical practice needed to look like. So I created my own. With the help of some amazing mentors and teachers I rebranded and took a deep dive into what I love about Reiki and Yoga and how I can make it my own. Now I want to share that passion and knowledge with others so that they too can feel a little untamed.

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"I met with Althea knowing next to nothing about Reiki. I so appreciated their willingness to take the time to share their knowledge and passion.  space was relaxing, comfortable and peaceful. I can't wait to continue with Althea!"


"Althea provided a very calming space. I had a lot going on and was feeling really burned out. The combination of yoga and Reiki really helped me out. I immediately felt better after my session. This is clearly a place of healing"


"I have had wonderfully supportive and profound experiences working with Althea. They are my go-to Reiki practitioner. Althea is caring and thoughtful, always checking in with their clients comfort and consent. They are consistently able to read my energy and help me move through tension towards a more balanced place."
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